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Lorada Prenoveau
My last comment WAS NOT suppose to be 5 stars.  I would not give it even 1 star on that particular evening.  
Lorada Prenoveau
On August 3rd, my husband and I took our seven year old grandson to OKKO. We thought it would be fun to do the hibachi was a terrible experience.  The waiter didn't do any of the "entertaining" things that are done at the hibachi grills. My husband spoke with the woman at the front that seated us...her comment was "he's new I'll talk to him".  Really is that the proper response??  We could have taken him to any other restaurant and paid a whole lot less and had more fun.  We are not tourist...we have visited your restaurant on several occasions, one being the hibachi grill (our dinner club) and have enjoyed it. The best response came from our grandson, "that wasn't very entertaining ". It was a very disappointing evening. 
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